about the website

The international Women in Black network's website was redeveloped during 2008 and early 2009.

The basic principles behind the redevelopment are:

1. To create a space where each Women in Black group, from anywhere in the world, can do the following:

  • - have its own "homepage"  (eg http://womeninblack.org/london)
  • - manage its own information (when vigils happen, contact details, etc)
  • - add and edit blogs, documents, videos, and other types of content
  • - display all their content from links on their hompage

2. To create a space where all the contributions from the network can be aggregated and displayed together (use the main menu to the left)

3. To create a space where any of the content may be translated into core languages. Volunteers from within the network are always welcome to assist with this task. Please use the contact form to express your interest.

The website falls under the responsibility of Women in Black's communications group "wibcom". If you are a WiB group or an individual WIB woman and would like your own hompeage here at womeninblack.org please use the contact form to express your interest. Your message will be forwarded to wibcom and someone will get back you you.